The Disciples Escoffier Culinary Institute offers you the unique opportunity to carry out a 6-month internship in Michelin-starred restaurants, during this internship, you will deepen the skills acquired in the Escoffier Advanced Level and you will enter the world of Michelin star gastronomy.

Chef Martin BERASATEGUI, Spanish Chef with 12 Michelin stars will be your mentor during the internship in his restaurants.

Access to this internship will be granted exclusively to gastronomy professionals.
In order to benefit from this internship, it is mandatory to graduate the Escoffier Advanced Level and relevant experience in the field of international gastronomy.

Following the presentation of a file with your CV and additional information requested by the institute, you will be registered on the internship participation list. The next step is to take an interview and a practical test to assess your level in international gastronomy. The file will be analyzed by the evaluation commission formed by the experts of the famous Martin BERASATEGUI.

This is the unique opportunity to enter the world of Michelin star gastronomy and to develop your career in the most important restaurants in the world, but especially, through your training, (along with Martin BERASATEGUI, owner of 12 Michelin stars awarded to his restaurants) you can be the main factor in awarding Michelin stars in your country.

At the end of the internship, a report will be prepared to the Michelin commission, which will evaluate the level of knowledge accumulated in the Escoffier Advanced Level and in the internship.

Based on this report, the commission will follow the evolution of your activity in the restaurants where you will carry out the activity, in order to select the restaurants that will receive the qualification for awarding Michelin stars.

Martín BERASATEGUI – 12 Michelin stars
Professional Career

Martín BERASATEGUI was born in 1960 in San Sebastian. His training as a cook and a great part of his life are closely linked to the Bodegón Alejandro, a popular restaurant situated in the old part of San Sebastian which was run by his parents and his aunt and for which he was awarded his first Michelin star.

From the age of 15 to the age of 27, Martín spent all his free time in France to gain training, experience and skills. In Bayonne, he studied with Jean Paul Heinard and in Anglet with André Mandion. He delved into the world of cured meat products under the wing of François Brouchicanin the town of Ustariz and into the kitchen with Bernard Lacarrau in the town of Labatut.

But above all, it would be with Didier Oudil, a superb professional and head chef in the glamorous spa, Les Prés D’Eugénie and Michel Guerard that he came into contact with haute cuisine and, at a later date, with Alain Ducasse, in the restaurant, Louis XV in Monaco.

The prestige of Martín Berasategui, the Spanish chef with the most Michelin stars in Spain, twelve in all, and third top chef in the world, was consolidated when, on May 1st, 1993, together with his wife Oneka Arregui, he opened up the Martín Berasategui Restaurant in Lasarte-Oria, just 7 Km from San Sebastián.

Six months after the inauguration he got the first Michelin Star; three years later he received the second one and in November 2001 he was awarded the highest rating of the emblematic guide, three.

„The years have shown me that I have sufficient strength to create cohesive and emblematic local groups.”

At present, 7 of his restaurants boast 12 Michelin Stars:

3 in the Martín Berasategui Restaurant in Lasarte-Oria;

3 in the Lasarte Restaurant in Barcelona; ​​

2 in the M.B. Restaurant in Tenerife;

1 in the Oria Restaurant in Barcelona; ​​

1 in the Eme Be Garrote Restaurant in San Sebastián;

1 in Restaurant Ola Martín Berasategui in Bilbao;

1 in Restaurant Fifty Seconds Martín Berasategui in Lisbon;

Furthermore, he is top of the list in the Repsol Guide with 10 Suns.

His career is peppered with prestigious prizes and awards, such as:

the Golden Drum of San Sebastián in 2005,

the Honorary Doctorate awarded to him by the François Rabelais University of Tours in 2013 (France) ,

the Martín Berasategui Restaurant was voted the Best Restaurant in the World in the Travelers’ Choice of TripAdvisor 2015 and 2016.

Martin has recently been awarded the Lifestyle La Razón, Elle Gourmet, Hombres Esquire and Tapas Chef of the Year 2019 awards for his career and the Gold Medal for „Mérito en Bellas Artes ” by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Spain.



At the age of 18, Vitalie Nofit, decided to leave his homeland, the Republic of Moldova, in search of a better future. After many difficult events, he arrived in northern Spain without knowing how to cook, he ended up working, in March 2005, in the kitchen of the Boroa restaurant where he prepared the barbecue. In one year, he managed to apply the first lessons of the cooking profession with the chef of the restaurant Boroa, Javier Gartziatot, as a mentor.

Later he took a path that totally changed his destiny, difficult to imagine a few years ago:

2008: Restaurant Boroa received a Michelin star and Vitalie was part of the team that brought this distinction

2009: participated in the first gastronomy competition in Valladolid and out of 87 participants took fifth place

2010: becomes the second chef in the kitchen and is sent to the restaurant Martin Berasategui in Lasarte, three Michelin stars, to learn the latest techniques of cooking. signature cuisine

2013: arrives at the best restaurant in the world El Celler de Can Roca and cooks with the brothers Joan and Jordi Roca

2018: becomes executive chef of the restaurant Boroa

2020: becomes a member of the association Disciples Escoffier Romania